If you live in Wisconsin, PLEASE GO VOTE IN THE RECALL ELECTION. Voter turnout is expected to be higher than usual, but the race is extremely tight, and we need EVERYONE at the polls today.  I can not emphasize enough how important this is.

If you signed a recall petition this winter, you may have received a robo-call telling you that you've already done your part and there is no need to vote today, IGNORE IT AND GO VOTE!! Scott Walker and his fans are not above dirty tricks in an attempt to mislead and disenfranchise voters so they won't go to the polls. It's probably illegal, but they're doing it anyway. Let's prove to them that their dirty tricks won't work.



Claire said…
Anonymous said…
Your an idiot! Do you really want Union Thugs to run or ruin our country? America is the land of the Free - Because of the Brave And the Home of the Free!!! Freedom from Union thugs!
Anonymous said…
So you want your kids to be stuck with trillions of dollars of debt?
Let me guess, you belong to the union? And you want the union thugs to take over WI? The unions aren't needed any more because we have LAWS now! So how much debt do you want to leave for your kid's to pay off? Do you live on a budget? Or do you get a check from the government too? What's gonna happen when all the 'Worker bee's decide, they've had it?
Their tired of working 2 or 3 hours to pay for your neighbor to sit on their butt or the big Union paper pushers to write themselves an undeserved raise? Are the Real workers of this country gonna quit work because America has lost it's way of 'work hard, make something of yourself and prosper? You really need to think long and hard about what Nancy Pelosi said not to long ago: We want American's to work, so we can get more money from them. - That's not exact, but I'm sure you can find it on the net. I hope Walker wins, for your kid's sake!
I was voter #233. Let this serve as a shot across the bow to Walker and the like.
ann said…
Suze is not an idiot. The end.

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