fun in the snow

We had a lot of fun in the snow this past week. Christmas morning Stuart and my brother spent several hours covering the climbing dome in our back yard with cardboard and sheets, then piling snow on top of it to make an igloo. My dad "supervised."

We did a lot of sledding.

And yesterday, when it actually warmed up to 40 degrees, the snow got wet and sticky enough to make a couple of snow people!

We really had fun with the upside down guy.

Sadly, our snow dudes didn't make it through the night. Melty temps and questionable construction made them unstable and both fell over by this morning. We have a major cold snap coming (expected lows tomorrow morning are well below zero!), so it's a good thing we've been enjoying the outdoors while we can.


Lisa said…
Oh how I miss snow. That looks like so much fun!
Anonymous said…
Wow, I am jealous of that igloo. We have enough snow here, but no dome.

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