N'Kosi Sikeleli

When Stuart and I were on our way to South Africa to visit his parents way back in 2000, there was a large group of South African exchange students on their way home from time studying abroad. When we crossed into South African territory, they broke out into their national anthem. They were all white and Stuart leaned over and told me they weren't pronouncing the words correctly. Still, it was quite a moment. It's a beautiful anthem. Take a few minutes to have a listen, won't you?

The first video is a rather old recording with Miriam Makeba, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and Paul Simon. The second is by the Soweto Gospel Choir. They are both moving.


Lisa said…
Thank you for sharing these! I played the first one for my class one day, after we had a class discussion about Nelson Mandela's life.

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