In the last 20 hours we've gotten about 8" of snow here in Madison. It's our piece of the crap weather that is all over the country. The city declared a snow emergency this morning. Our street has yet to be cleared, but I really hope they get to it soon because I have to drive to Milwaukee late tonight to pick up my brother and SIL from the airport! We spent the day cleaning up in preparation for holiday company (Joe and MJ arrive tonight, my parents drive up tomorrow) and shoveling the driveway. Late this afternoon we went to the park for a snowball fight and general frolicking.

It seems like a good way to welcome winter!


Lisa said…
I wish we had snow. We just got rain and thunderstorms.
Meeshie said…
I don't believe in snow. Frozen water falling from the sky? Just not possible! :P

And hello from ft lauderdale ;)

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