five on friday: spring break edition

It is Friday, and I'm exhausted, y'all. The last couple of weeks I've put in many, many hours volunteering at the school. I've taken on a rather large project this spring, and while I believe it's worthwhile and important, it's a large amount of work and it occurred to me this afternoon that I better be careful or I'm going to get burned out.

Look at what finally bloomed on April Fools Day!
I've been feeling pretty frustrated lately. I know I complain a lot, and I'm sorry. I don't often take the opportunity to truly acknowledge how lucky I am; usually when I do bother, it's soured with the guilt I feel about being under-appreciated when I should just be counting my blessings and all that. Life is good, my family is well, spring is finally here (though it's probably going to snow on Monday, sigh) and I have been spending a lot of time doing work outside, which is quite restorative.

Next week Madison schools are on spring break. It's so late for a spring break here; I think kids and teachers were ready for this a month ago. But they didn't ask me when they made the school calendar, did they? Anyway, we're not going anywhere, which is kind of disappointing, but I just didn't get my act together or save enough money for a trip, so we're going to keep it low key and try to have some good, local fun. Here are five things I want to do next week:

1. Get haircuts for the kids. Thrillville, I know. But they need it. I should have done this already because we're going to a wedding tomorrow but we didn't have time. Plus, they actually like getting haircuts. We have the same gal cut their hair every time and she does the shampoo and the whole bit and they love it. Last time they both got to help clean up the floor with this special little vacuum made for hair salons.

2. Get the kids' rooms clean. Even more thrilling than haircuts! But it really needs to happen. There is so much junk and it's driving me nuts.

3. Play with clay. My friend is organizing a day we can go to a studio and make some stuff out of clay. They'll fire it and then we can bring it home later. Should be a fun outing.

4. If the weather is nice, spend a day at the Bookworm garden in Sheboygan. I've never been there, but I keep hearing great things about it.

5. Go out for ice cream. Who doesn't love ice cream?

6. I'm adding #6 because room cleaning doesn't really count. I want to have some vacation at home time. You know, watch a movie and have popcorn for supper, make cookies, spend the whole afternoon playing games and reading books, go to the park if it's nice outside (it probably won't be; have I mentioned how I hate April in Wisconsin?), build a fort in the basement. I know this stuff is kind of lame, but I'm doing my best here.


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