spring break (part 1)

Pretty ho-hum week here so far. No one was happy to wake up to more of this on the ground:

Cilia in the snow

Brave daffodils

Deck steps

Frozen flower pot

Believe it or not, there are peas planted in there. They haven't emerged yet, though.

My shadow

Water balloon fragment
Poor Anya just caught a cold, so I had to cancel playing for a voice lesson this afternoon. Were it for any other instrument, I wouldn't have bothered, but this is a singer whose voice has been recovering from a respiratory bug for at least a month, and it just didn't seem fair somehow to bring a kid along to her lesson who would sneeze a lungful of new germs into the air every five minutes. We did at least manage a walk in the woods after lunch.

Walking down the creek
Anya stops for a rest

There are lots of tiny waterfalls and dead logs

Do you see the heart-shaped rock?

I've always wondered where this old fence came from and how it got into the creek bed.

Heading home


Anonymous said…
The heart shaped rock made me smile.

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