it's only wednesday

This morning around 9:00 the doorbell rang. When I answered, the FedEx dude on my porch said, "Oh, I'm sorry ma'am. Did I wake you up?" Seriously? No, I did not just get up. I've been up for a few hours already. I know I look like crap, but I always do and this week my kids are on spring break so what's the point?

I didn't say that. I just said, "No, of course it's fine," and signed the thing. Then I went back inside and looked in a mirror and realized my hair was all over the place and it probably did look like I had just rolled out of bed.


Here, have a look at some cute pictures of my kids from last weekend. A friend of ours got married at a place right on the Mississippi River, and Daniel and Anya had some fun throwing stuff into the water while we waited for the ceremony to start.


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