Boston, reprise!

All right, now where did I leave off? Ah, yes, Saturday afternoon.

The Freedom Trail took us to the North End/Little Italy, where we stopped by Maria's pastry shop for authentic Italian canolis.

I had espresso in one of Boston's oldest caf├ęs and snitched some of Joe's pistachio gelato. Yum. We stopped by this little corner store to buy a set of espresso cups for Stuart.

We went to the Boston outdoor market, a Saturday staple, where there are tons of vendors selling produce dirt-cheap outside. The vendors appeared to be 1) immigrants of hispanic or Asian origin and 2) burly Bostonians, like the one guy with tattoos all up and down his arms and "Meatball" embroidered onto his sleeveless shirt who barked at a passer-by "What're ya doin'?! Just looking? Dat's not lookin', dat's touchin'. Don' look, don' touch, buh-bye!" He was kind of like a rougher version of the Soup Nazi.

It was getting to be late afternoon, and we wanted to hang around to see a free Shakespeare play in Boston Commons, so we decided to kill some time by the Charles River. We saw the U.S.S. Constitution - "Old Ironsides" - but didn't go inside.

We rested on a bench by the Charles River, where Daniel and Joseph had some quality time together.

Then we took full advantage of this Kodak moment:

I was eating cherries purchased at the market. My lame attempt at spitting the pits into the Charles River is immortalized here:

Eventually, we made it to Boston Common to see a free production of "The Taming of the Shrew. Unfortunately, by the end of Act I, we were all tired, cold, and incapable of following the intricacies of the plot, so we called it a night.


pamigelsrud said…
Yeah, I noticed that vendors at the Haymarket are really sensitive about people touching their produce. I remember once seeing a vendor throw a piece of fruit at someone who he thought was touching his stuff. I love the picture of you spitting a cherry. That's funny!

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