I promised pictures, and pictures you shall have. I may need to do this in installments because of the many, many pictures we took, there are several worth posting and I don't want to overwhelm anyone's bandwidth (or dial-up.)

So here goes.

I arrived at Logan airport at about 1 in the afternoon on Friday. Joe and I played phone tag for about an hour and then he picked me up in front of the terminal. We drove into the city and had lunch on Charles Street, then walked around for a while. It wasn't long before I was ready to just head back to his apartment and lay low, since I'd been up since 5 a.m. Here we are heading out to dinner at the Thai place by Joe's apartment; notice Daniel's clashing stripes...did I mention getting up at 5 a.m.?

Saturday the weather was absolutely, beautifully perfect, which is a good thing, since we had a whole lot of walking planned. We walked along most of the Freedom Trail, which is about three miles long and follows a historic route through the city. We saw John Hancock's gravestone. Is it just me, or was that guy really trying to compensate for something? I mean, that big old signature just wasn't enough, was it?

We also saw King's Chapel, and I have to admit that I can't even remember why it's famous. Oldest something or other. Or maybe the first integrated church in Boston. Huh. If anyone knows, please enlighten me. In any case, Joseph and little Daniel had a pious moment together.

We saw a large, old meeting hall where lots of historic decisions were made concerning the American Revolution and Boston Tea Party. The building has been made into a museum with some nifty displays of historical artifacts and statues of Revolutionaries, with some Boston history thrown in there, too. There are places where you can just feel the history in the air. This was one of those places.

We lunched at the Bell-in-Hand, the oldest tavern in the U.S. Joe enjoyed a refreshing malt beverage, and it was so tasty (some of the best beer I've had, and that includes Oberon!) I had one, too, only the 12oz version instead of the 22oz.

Here's Daniel trying to grab my water cup.

And here's the three of us standing by the window. There were no screens in there or anything; we could have petted the cars as they drove by in the narrow streets.

That's a lot of pictures already, and I haven't even made it through Saturday yet! Hope you guys aren't too bored. I'll post again tomorrow sometime.

Having a 6-month-old baby along meant that in addition to riding happily in the Kelty backpack, Daniel also nursed in most of these places. Most of the time I try to be somewhat discreet about breastfeeding in public, but when your baby is wriggly, you're going to expose yourself eventually. It's just a fact of life. I've long since gotten over feeling self-conscious about it. I didn't notice anyone throwing me dirty looks or acting uncomfortable, even though the entire trip I only saw one other breastfeeding mother.


annalu alulu said…
Suze, I find it quite entertaining to look at that first picture and remember the permed girl at the bus stop with her big red backpack. Is red still your favorite color?
Suze said…
indeed, it is! i even own a pair of red pants. whee!
Jenn Hacker said…
Speaking of nursing, did you read all the brouhaha that's been generated by one of those parenting magazines putting a breastfeeding baby on the cover? People were actually calling it dirty and all this other crap. Excuse me? Breasts came WAAAAAAAAY before the bottle. We live in such a puritanical world. The victorian mores are still setting us back! It's not like they put a picture of a big ol' wanker on the cover or anything. Puh-leeze. The formula companies have brainwashed people into thinking breastfeeding is bad.
Suze said…
oh, jenn, you have certainly pushed one of my buttons! they act as though breastfeeding is tantamount to janet jackson's wardrobe malfunction. someday i'll write about sexual repression in our culture and how it has distorted society's view of things that should be totally natural--breastfeeding being a biggie.

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