He's getting the hang of it

Thanks to all of you for your helpful comments on that last post. Katie, your suggestion of mixing everything with breastmilk really did the trick. Yesterday I cooked a sweet potato and stuck it in the blender with the water it was cooked in. Then I made a mixture of half sweet potato mush, half breastmilk. Daniel took to it without even gagging (we were agog) and ate it all up.


mamacita said…
That's great!

Hey, I had a question for you by the way. I am planning to introduce spinach this week and am wondering how I'm going to get Oliver to actually like it. Just curious if there are any cool spinach recipes or ideas in your Super Baby Food book.

Suze said…
most of the stuff in there about spinach is common sense, like wash it thoroughly (duh) and cut off the tough stems. she did say you can mix it with banana or grain cereal if the flavor is too strong. let me know how it goes!
mamacita said…
Ooo, spinach and banana together...yuck!

I haven't tried any spinach with him yet, but I'll let you know how it goes...
Suze said…
yuck indeed. but the author gets really excited about brewer's yeast, so what're gonna do? good luck with the spinach!

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