Election Day

Go vote today, y'all. This one's a biggie.

If you live in Wisconsin, you have the special occasion to vote on two asinine constitutional amendments: one to ban gay marriage and civil unions, and another to bring back the death penalty in this state. I'll be voting a big, fat NO on both of those.

And if you decide not to vote? Shame on you. You have no right to bitch about the way this country is run.

That's all I'm gonna say about that. Between studying for prelims and scooting around after Daniel, I haven't had much energy left to think about the election, and I'm kinda grateful for that. I just hope there's a better outcome this time around.


pamigelsrud said…
Because of a lack of preparedness on my part, in order to vote, I would need to drive 5 hours to Syracuse today. I'm not going to do it and I feel really bad about it. : (
Suze said…
*finger wag*
well, at least you don't have a stupid gay marriage ban to vote on, right?
i take it MA doesn't have register-at-the-polls? i think every state should do that.
Becca said…
AZ has over a dozen propositions on the ballot, including banning civil unions and gay marriage by amending the state Constitution (which would eliminate domestic partner benefits and impact countless people, gay, straight, and children, too) and the usual nonsense about illegal immigration. There's one ridiculous prop that would deny children of illegal immigrants the ability to attend state universities on in-state tuition rates, without taking into account that many of those kids would be American citizens by birth! Crazy!

I voted! So did Tom!
Tooz said…
God bless America! The Democrats won the house!

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