Give a Little

Somewhere in Kansas there's a young, pregnant single mother who could use some help. Read about her story and how you can help out here. Afrindie Mum is throwing her an online baby shower. I don't know this woman personally (her blog name is alley), and I don't know that much about her situation, but it sounds difficult. I do know this much: she has two kids, she left an abusive husband, she lives in Kansas, she works nights to try and pay off some debt, she's expecting a baby in February, she's under pressure to place the baby with adoptive parents but she wants to keep him/her. I feel compelled to contribute, maybe because she's in Kansas, a state that is dear to me (despite its politics), maybe because her baby is due in February, which would be exactly a year after my little Daniel was born. Or maybe it's just because I think those of us who have a little more are morally obligated to give a little to those who have a little less. Anyway, I'm not going to do online begging on behalf of someone I've never met, but if this story touches your heart just a little bit, go click that link in the beginning of this post for more details. And then, if you like, give a little.


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