What kind of people spend New Year's Eve renting a documentary and working a crossword puzzle?

No, wait. Don't answer that.

My God, we're lame. Even my parents are at a party tonight.

In our defense, we drove nearly 10 hours yesterday to get back to Madison, getting back rather late. Much as we would have liked to just fall into bed and sleep all night, the Danimal had other plans. At 11p.m., just after we got the car unpacked, he wanted to scoot all over the house, visiting his usual play places to make sure they were all there, pointing at everything to show us how pleased he was. He did go to bed eventually, but then he woke up so many times I think we all spent more total time awake then asleep, and then at 5a.m. he would have been up for good if I hadn't nursed him for about an hour on the couch. Is it any surprise we weren't feeling up to celebrating?

I suspect a lot of bloggers will be doing (or have done already) some sort of Year in Review, though they probably aren't pathetic enough to be doing it right now, as most of them living it up somewhere or other with champagne and cone hats and confetti. I can sum up my 2006 for you real quick: I spent the first six weeks of it in late-pregnancy misery, and everything after Daniel's birth is pretty much a post-partum blur of breastfeeding, diaper changes, the occasional performance, and learning to cope with that special kind of solitude that is motherhood.

I don't really do the "New Year's Resolution" thing, either, but I do have one major goal for 2007: finish my doctorate. Think I can do it?

Obviously, I'm too tired to be truly reflective or profound or even sentimental right now, so I'll leave you with a picture from this afternoon.

This is what happens when you leave the box of tissues within Daniel's reach:

Cheers, all, and Happy New Year!


Pam said…
Happy New Year, Susan! I wish I had a good excuse like a long road trip or a young son to explain why I am spending New Year's eve with my parents playing Scrabble.
Happy New Year!
Becca said…
You're lucky! Christopher pulls out all the tissues, then he shreds them! It's great fun for him!

And I guess we're boring, too--I did word searches and Sudoku and Tom played online poker while we awaited Mom's annual 10pm call, then we went to bed.
Animal said…
Love the photo...that guilty little face!

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