Another one down

Since I keep mentioning it, I might as well check in and report that the Harbison premiere was on last night's faculty concert here at SongFest. It went very well, the singer sounded amazing, I was happy with it, and now it's a relief to be done with it. We're actually recording the piece again on Monday, so there will be a few more chances at a really clean performance (there were a couple of very minor blips but I'm sure no one could tell). It's possible that will go online at some point, and if/when it does, I'll be sure to link it for anyone who wants to hear.

Andre was there! (He's a composer teaching in L.A.; we have a mutual friend in Boston.) Hey, Andre, it was fun meeting you, and I hope it was worth the drive!

There are just a few more days of this program left. I'm still enjoying it, still learning a lot, still very glad I decided to come out here, but I will certainly be ready to go home. Daniel has been a little cranky the last couple of days; I think he's ready to see his mama for more than a couple hours in the morning. Joe's doing well with the babysitting gig, but I think he needs a break, too. And we ALL miss our Stu.

That's all for now. I have to eat lunch, hack through some Bach, hack through some more Bach, do a couple of rehearsals, and get ready for tonight's class with the great Martin Katz. No rest for the weary!


andre said…
Hey Suze,

It was fun meeting you as well, and congratulations on an excellent performance of a not-so-easy piece of music!. . The vocalist is just sailing along on these long notes and meanwhile you're shouldering the hustle and bustle of the world. .

And it was also fun hearing the rest of the concert as well and seeing Jennifer, who I hadn't seen in over ten years! It was totally worth the drive.

all best with the remainder of the program!

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