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Look who decided he's too grown up to sit in a high chair.

What else can I say about Daniel? He does all kinds of funny stuff these days. A favorite is putting things in places they don't normally belong, like clean diapers and piles of blocks in his hamper, tennis balls in the cupboard. We lost his shoes and found them a day later wedged in a cereal box. A couple weeks ago, Stuart discovered a sprouting potato under his pillow. He likes helping with the dishes, which means spooning the suds from the wash-water into the rinse-water with a little spoon. He got really excited once while Stuart was washing lettuce and insisted on shaking the colander himself. And so on!

Daniel is also very active, as most 16-month-olds are. I'm really dreading Friday's long flight to L.A. How am I going to keep him entertained for four hours on a cramped plane? If he sits in my lap, he flies for free, so you can bet I didn't buy him his own seat, but that will make things doubly difficult. I'll find some new, exciting things to play with, but I'm afraid that will only work for ten minutes. Ideas, anyone?

(BTW: That hymn that was bugging me, Pam and Oma is "Rejoice the Lord is King;" I had to figure it out this morning because it was driving me crazy!)


As to how to keep Daniel entertained -

Benadryl. He'll sleep like a rock the whole plane ride.

(j/k, btw. I do not advocate the gratuitous use of OTC meds to zonk out children. Unless, of course, "Mommy REALLY needs you to take a nap right now, honey!" LOL)

Have a great trip!
Oma said…
Thanks for the eye candy. I was needing some.
Becca said…
If you decide to go the Benedryl route (which my pediatrician recommended for CJ's first flight), try it before getting on the plane while at home. For some children (like CJ), the Benedryl winds them up instead of making them drowsy.

Good luck with the flight! I could never figure out how to keep CJ entertained, so I always bought the extra seat and put the car seat there. 2 1/2 and he's made four cross country trips already.

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