Industrial chemicals in kids' blood

I just read this and it scares the crap out of me.


Animal said…
Tess & I often joke - except it's not REALLY a joke! - that poor Roslyn will be "that" kid at her school: the weirdo whose parents should have been hippies. I think the stuff in the article you linked IS scary, and that most of us have sloughed off consequence-worry in favor of convenience. Such a cost, though! Okay, so my baby MIGHT die in a conflagration because her cotton jammies aren't flame-retardant...but in the meantime, she's not sleeping NIGHTLY in the Nightie of Deady Chemicals. Same for food, lunchbox material, and on & on & on. What are all these conveniences GOOD for, anyway? Are we saving time? For what? I dunno. I'm just blathering. But I read the article, and I'm with ya, and it would be nice if we didn't make such large sacrifices for the sake of bottom-line profits or daily convenience.
Wow. That's I'm speechless. That's just creepy. More and more, I long for about 20 acres in the middle of nowhere, where I can grow my own vegetable garden, have free-range chickens, and power my house through solar panels and wind turbines. The more "sophisticated" and "advanced" our society and technology becomes, the more harmful it is to the planet and all her inhabitants. Makes me want to sing -

"Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam,
free of genetic mutations.
The sky has no haze, and where my child plays
was never once a toxic wasteland."
Pam said…
Ugh!!! I read an article similar to this one maybe a year or so ago that spoke of chemical levels in our adult bodies, but somehow let myself put it out of my mind. But what are we to do??!!

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