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I've got a future post forming in my head about the role of singing in my life, but I just don't want to take the time for that right now. Be patient; I'll try and get that going in a day or two.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures for you to enjoy:

(It's not easy to catch an Anya-grin on camera.)

(No, I did not make this hat. It was a gift.)

(He built this entirely by himself with no prompting from me. He can also put together a 24-piece jumbo-sized jigsaw puzzle all by himself with no help. Sorry. Bragging a little.)

(Here's a little something I finished over the weekend for an online knitting contest - this one. You'd think if I am knitting a tuxedo that I have gobs of free time on my hands, but you'd be wrong. It's just a matter of my effed up priorities.)

It just occurred to me that putting up pictures of Daniel and Anya here is sort of like putting you on hold on the phone, only I hope these photos are in better taste than most of the elevator music you hear while you're on hold...what I mean is, I feel like I usually put up pictures when I don't have much to say or not much time to write, but I want to keep y'all on the line. Anyway, I hope you like these.


Mrs. Allroro said…
I like them very much. Looks like Anya is a redhead?

And maybe Daniel needed a diaper change after that tower?
Suze said…
yes, and yes!!
Julia said…
OMG - I definitely just checked your blog while i was on hold with the energy company who has been ripping us off... I was commenting to Gerrod about the horrible music they had going on, then decided to check your blog! Your pictures are WAY cuter than hold music, and are actually some of my favorite posts :)
Julia said…
haha, i just realized that that last post makes it sound like the horrible music made me think of you... haha, quite the contrary. I love you and your music and your posts ;)
You can put me on hold anytime you want to with those beautiful children!

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