Eye-candy Friday: birthday boy

Thursday was Daniel's 2nd birthday, so I'd like to share some things about him.

1. His favorite game is peek-a-boo/hide-and-seek. The funny thing about it is that he'll show you where he's going to hide and show you where you should sit, and then he goes to hide and waits for you to say "Gee, I wonder where Daniel went. Is he in the kitchen? Noooo. Is he in his room? Noooo. Did he go to the park? Nooo." and so on until he pops his head up from wherever he's hiding and says "Booo!"

2. He has a vocabulary of at least three dozen words, if you count all the sound effect words ("baa" instead of "sheep," "woof woof" instead of dog, etc). He knows several words in sign language in addition to those.

3. He's crazy about his little sister:

4. He can take off his pants by himself.

5. The list of "things Daniel will eat" still only has about 5 items on it. However, one of those items is broccoli.

6. He loves any appliance that makes noise: the vacuum, the coffee roaster, the coffee grinder. In fact, yesterday I was using the blender and he got so excited about it, I thought he might hyperventilate.

7. He loves music and loves being sung to. We have several books by Iza Trapani with added verses to well-known children's tunes (such as "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and "Row, Row, Row Your Boat") that we sing over (and over and over) throughout the day and before bedtime.

8. He can operate every CD player in the house.

9. He likes to imitate the sounds Anya makes: the gulping noises she makes while nursing, the little grunts while she's sleeping, and the unceasing wail she sometimes emits while getting her diaper changed.

10. He is so full of joy and affection and curiosity. I love being his mom.


Awww! Happy Birthday, Danimal! Love the pics!
Rachel said…
Happy birthday sweet, sweet Daniel...
Steph said…
I love being his auntie and I miss him so much!!!
katie said…
adorable -- and congrats to you, mama!
Claire said…
What a sweetheart! Happy birthday, Daniel!
Mrs. Allroro said…
His little teeth are so cute! Happy birthday, Daniel!
Andre said…
Happy Birthday Daniel!
Becca said…
Happy birthday, Daniel!

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