Eye-candy Friday: siblings

If Daniel and Anya are anything like me and my brother, one day they'll be fighting in the backseat over who crossed into whose space, who's "not touching" who, who gets more ice cream, who's allowed to do this and that, who cheated at Uno, and who gave the Barbie a shampoo with sawdust and Elmer's glue.

But for now...


Animal said…
I dunno: Danimal is sweet as hell, but Anya's eyes say to me "Mom! He's touching me! Tell him to stop TOUCHING ME!"
LOL! That's great, Animal!

And Suze, just hope they don't wind up fighting like me and my brother. When he was about 12 and I was 9 or 10, we used to climb up on top of our three story house roof and fight each other with 6 foot long cane poles while balancing on the ridge beam! And we swung those puppies at each other hard! (I'm surprised my mother didn't kill us when she discovered what we were doing!)
Becca said…
Did you tell your mom that you were using your buck-and-a-quarterstaff, or decide not to tell her that?

CJ loves the pictures--he asks every day to see pictures of the baby.

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