We had a bad winter storm on Sunday: ice, then snow, and now it's so freaking cold that the ice is thick and solid and won't melt with salt or sunshine and makes getting anywhere rather treacherous. In fact, I was carrying both Daniel and Anya inside a coffee shop this morning and I completely wiped out, dropping them both. Don't worry, we're fine. Daniel was a little hurt and a little scared, but recovered with some hot cocoa, and thankfully Anya was still strapped in her carseat, so she wasn't hurt at all, just startled. Anyway, as much as I hate this weather, I can't think of any new ways to complain about it, so here are some pretty pictures instead.


I posted a comment about this on your knitting blog. Even though I'm a knitting muggle, I still read it, and am envious of your knitting talents. I would have no clue how to begin (oh, but I want to try!)

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