Daniel is SO affectionate with his little sister. A little TOO affectionate sometimes, in fact. He's so enthusiastic that he gets too close to her, crowds her face, practically climbs on top of her. It's frustrating for all of us because we want him to show his love, but we don't want him to hurt or upset Anya. However, this morning, he really wanted Anya to sit on his lap on the couch, and she tolerated it for quite a while, long enough to take some pictures.

(ETA: Notice how red Anya's hair is! It's exactly the same color as Stuart's hair now. This make me happy, and makes Stuart grumble, as he spent his childhood in equatorial Africa and therefore always covered in hats, sunscreen and long sleeves, and he is still befreckled.)


Animal said…
So sweet.
Gade said…
How do you stand it seeing such cuteness everyday?
Suze said…
Oh, Gade, there is PLENTY that is not cute to make up for it, trust me !!

Steph said…

I hope Anya stays redhead. Just for Stu. ;)
Anonymous said…
ohhh so sweet.
Anonymous said…
"You kiss me, you poke me, and I'm going to pull your hair?"

Lurve the sweetness of the last photo. His big grin, her fingers in his hair. This one must be printed on photo paper and framed somewhere in your house!
Anonymous said…
Three things:
OMG, how cute is Daniel with his baby sister?!?!
OMG, I love the red hair!
and OMG, Anya has gotten soooo big since last time I saw her!

I can't wait to see you all soon!
Mrs. Allroro said…
Did your brother look like that when he was a kid? Every time I see a picture of him, he reminds me of your little brother. I think it's mostly the hair.

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