5 weird things about me

Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone. Our vacation was grand. The weather was beautiful, the state park we stayed at was beautiful, we all got along swimmingly. I hope we can all do it again.

Steph tagged me for one of those "5 weird things about me" memes. These days I have a hard time finding 5 interesting things to say about myself, much less weird, but I'll give it my best shot.

1. People who don't know any better think that I am a very organized person. I remember a meeting with my teacher at the university. She couldn't find her datebook and was expressing her frustration with her tendency towards disorganization and losing things. I mentioned that my mom sometimes has that problem. She looked right at me and without missing a beat said "You must take after your father." (This is before she met my parents.) The truth is, I'm always misplacing my keys, I never write down appointments or phone numbers, the mail is piled high on my neglected piano, and I usually go to the farmers' market and grocery store without a clue about what I'm going to cook that week. However, I have a very good memory, so I rarely actually forget appointments, I remember where I put things even if it's a different place every time, I know exactly what's in that pile of mail even if I haven't sorted it yet, and the weekly menu usually works itself out.

2. For a person with a doctorate in collaborative piano, I am shockingly uninterested in opera. Most people with collaborative degrees make a good deal of their living coaching and accompanying opera. This could potentially be a problem if I ever try and get a job in my field. (For the record, I would much rather play art song and instrumental duo and chamber music. Yes, there is a huge difference between opera and art song.)

3. When I was in first grade, I came home one day and complained that the teacher did a lousy job of cleaning the chalkboard because it looked so fuzzy. My two myopic parents weren't particularly surprised and immediately made an appointment with an eye doctor. Soon after, I came home with my first pair of glasses:

Yup, those are bifocals. I will never know why that quack thought bifocals for a six-year-old was a good idea, but I wore them for a whole year (or was it two?) before we found another eye doctor and got me new glasses with better, regular lenses and equally dorky thick plastic frames.

4. Despite my usual interest in politics, I haven't been following the 2008 presidential election at all. I'm relieved the Democratic party finally found candidates more interesting than plywood. Obama had my vote from day one, though I could live with Clinton, and I don't think McCain has a chance. That's all I need to know, frankly. I think this particular news diet has been good for my stress level, since the 2004 election was a very dark time indeed.

5. I've been sitting here 10 minutes and can't think of a 5th weird trait I have, not that I'm willing to share with the internets anyway. So #5 is up for grabs. What do YOU think is weird about me? Leave a comment, and I'll post them all in a couple days. You can even come up with something a little embarrassing...(emphasis on a little.)

Too lazy to tag. Wanna do this meme? Leave a comment and I'll go read it!


Anonymous said…
There's nothing weird about you, my dear. You're perfect.

Animal said…
No offense to your mom, but *I* think it's weird that you still HAVE your pair of 1st-grade glasses. In your house, no less.
Anonymous said…
Those glasses are quite normal compared to a legendary pair of her brother's, who broke them while camping at Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico, miles and miles from a repair shop. Father, in his ever-inventive, engineering-driven "aesthetics aren't as important as function" mentality, fixed them with a stick and duct tape. To say they were ugly is a gross understatement. Brother used them when accurate sight was an absolute necessity and not always even then, preferring to go around half-blind, being at that pubescent stage where appearance is probably more important than life itself.

Anonymous said…
And a couple of years ago he pulled those ugly glasses out from where he had hidden them. I was very surprised that he still had them, especially after he and his pals right after Philmont tried to destroy them with firecrackers but failed to do so.

Steph said…
As the Yarn Harlot would say, the glasses were so ugly they had superpowers.

One weird thing about you is the way you exclaim, with great enthusiasm, "Beans!" with your tongue pressed against the roof of your mouth so that you sound like a cartoon character. Unfortunately, describing it as I just did really doesn't give the reader any clue what I'm talking about. You need an audio file.

Of course, I have co-opted this habit from you completely, and say it every time we make beans for dinner, so I guess now it's a weird thing about me, too.
I personally think it's weird that at one point in middle school you thought I was a flute goddess, or something to that effect. I also find it weird that you were once the object of my brother's affections (whether you knew it or not).

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