The blog will be going dark for about a week. We're going on vacation to a place with no internet connection or cell phone signal.

I'm so stoked about this trip for several reasons:

1. We're meeting our nephew for the very first time. He turns 1 later this month.
2. We're getting together with ALL of our immediate family members (Stu's parents, my parents, Stu's brother + wife + kid, my brother), which, considering how spread out we are across the country, is a rare thing indeed.
3. Said grandparents will probably be willing to spend some quality time with their grandchildren so that we parents (and Uncle Joe, who's not a parent yet, but still likes to hang out with us) can go on hikes or play disc golf or tour a winery or something.
4. We're going someplace warmer than Wisconsin.

Daniel has been on many plane trips in his short life; I think I flew with him at least 5 times before he was a year and a half old, and that includes several trips with me alone. He has done well so far. Of course I hope this continues. We'll see how Anya does on the plane.


Andre said…
safe travels!!
Pam said…
That's wonderful, Susan!! Enjoy your trip! :-)
Mrs. Allroro said…
Say hi to the G family for me!
Anonymous said…
Oma says she might babysit if you go hiking or play discgolf, but NOT if you go to a winery as she will want to come along. -Opa
Greetings to Family G from me!

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