protecting pictures of your kids

Steph just sent me a link to this blog entry about password-protecting pictures of your kids, and it made me sit up and take notice. I put lots of pictures of us on this blog, and now I'm worried about sickos out there stealing them. What do you guys think?


Anonymous said…
perhaps the best policy is only to email selected pictures to selected people.
Andre said…
Wow. just read that link. . I never thought that folks could do such things. . While I think your family pics are just awesome, I think Steph's caution is very much warranted. The internet is a wild place. I don't think it's possible to be too cautious about matters like this.

(just my 2 cents)
Dawn said…
People are nuts. When I worked at ePregnancy (I managed the message boards) there was a guy who was known to troll pregnancy boards pretending to be pregnant with twins. He'd swiped pictures a woman posted of herself hugely pregnant and he had this weird fetish of pretending to BE her. Word got out to moderators at various boards and they all spread the word about him. You can imagine the horror of the woman whose picture he stole -- joining a messageboard and finding someone masquerading and using her pics to do it. Ugh.
Steph said…
I wish Blogger had better password protection software available to us free users. Dawn uses Wordpress, I think, and they have more options available along those lines. I actually haven't check Blogger's available features for a while, so perhaps they've upgraded what they have available. It's worth checking. It sucks that you have to be concerned about this kind of thing...but at least know there are a lot of other blogging parents out there trying to find the right balance between fun photo sharing and reasonable caution.

I once found a wedding picture of myself on a commercially available notecard at CafePress with an invented caption riffing on my husband's last name. You can imagine how pleasant that discovery was.
Animal said…
Of course, Steph, your husband's last name just DRIPS with opportunities for inventive riffing. It practically BEGS for it! Just in the time I've taken to post this comment (on someone else's blog than your own), I've come up with three. Hee, hee. They're pretty funny, too.

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