random list

1. Daniel has a new bed.

A couple months ago, his legs grew long enough to climb out of his crib, even with the mattress as low as it could go. Funnily enough, this coincided with our naptime issues and some bedtime issues. It was frustrating, to say the least. For a few weeks, I was afraid naps were over and done for, but we seem to be settling back into something resembling a routine. Because Anya will need the crib soon (if she ever sleeps anywhere but our bed, sigh), and because Daniel has come close to hurting himself climbing in and out of his crib, we bought him a toddler bed. We left the crib up in his room, figuring he'd need a few days to get used to the new bed. We thought we'd let him choose between the two until he was ready to let go of the crib and be a Big Boy. That step was totally unnecessary. He loves his new bed and has never looked back.

2. Some of you know my friend Julia, a wonderful, wonderful singer and wonderful, wonderful person. Guess what? She's DOCTOR JULIA now! She's graduating from the University of Houston this month with her DMA. Let's wish her congratulations, shall we? She's worked her ass off for this degree, and I'm really happy for her.

3. I'm toying with the idea of having Stuart teach me some computer programming over the summer. I might be terrible at it, but my brain could use the exercise. Stu once tried to teach me how to play tennis and it went very, very badly. I'm just rotten at any sport that involves the kind of coordination it takes to hit, kick, throw, catch, or do anything else with a ball. I am decent at running and swimming because those things don't involve the ability to aim except in a very general sense. I have a tendency to be really, really impatient when I'm receiving instruction from people in my life who are not normally my teachers. (Right, Mom?) But I'm slightly more grown-up now than I used to be, and the C programming language is a far cry from tennis, so I'm approaching this possibility with optimism. ETA: Just to show how far I have to go, Stu just reminded me that he would never start a beginner on C. I think we'll be going with Java first of all. Sheesh.

4. The other day when I was driving through town, there was some utility work going on that required traffic to consolidate to one lane. I thought I'd be nice and let in the car in front of me to the left, even though it was a big fat SUV. Too late, I saw the personalized license plate; it read: DNGR PMS. Good grief. I have no idea who was driving that vehicle, but I bet we wouldn't be friends.

5. What is it with my kids and food? Anya is not so excited about eating her rice cereal, though we've been patiently trying to give it to her every day for several weeks. At least Daniel's improving. We grilled burgers last night (pregnancy and breastfeeding cured me of being a vegetarian), and he wanted a couple bites of mine. This is the second time he's eaten meat. Ever.

There, is that random enough?


Stuart said…
Just to be clear, Stuart is under no delusions that he himself is not a beginner in C. :)
Strangeite said…
#include [stdio.h]

int main(void)
printf("hello, Madtown Mama\n");
return 0;

Are you going to try and learn C or C++?

Also, be glad Danimal is not a carnivore, Sophie is just like her daddy in that she not only loves her meat, but would much rather it be medium rare.

p.s. I know it is supposed to be angle brackets around the header file, but Blogger thought it was an HTML tag.
Steph said…
I could never figure out why the "Child's Pose" in yoga was called that until I saw Daniel take naps in that funny position.

Lately I've been seeing stickers and vanity plates with things like PRNCSS and "Born to be a Princess" on them. Always on SUVs, of course. What's next? "LT THM EAT CKE?"
Anonymous said…
Hey Susan! Thanks! You're awesome :) I can't wait to see you in a week!!!!! -Julia
Animal said…
Rozzle, too, loves her meat. This morning it was a fried egg (yolk) and some cut-up pieces of sausage. Roz=6, Sausage=0. Eggs, kinda half-eaten. On a more positive note, she can't seem to shovel individual peas into her mouth fast enough.

Cute photo of The Danimal; I saw some toddlers napping like this when I picked The Rozzle up from daycare, and it never occurred to me...Child's Pose. Heh. (It really IS comfy, too.)

Random PostScript: the last 4 letters of the word verification security thingy for this comment were "wnem," which happens to be the NBC affiliate we get from Saginaw. Odd.

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