5 little irkies

I'm following up on Jessi's latest post, and listing five things that irk me more than they should:

1. Leaving all the kitchen cupboard doors open. It looks messy and I always bang my head on the corner of one of the doors. This drives me crazy, but I have to admit, I'm just as guilty as the other grown-up in the house of doing this. I guess I should have made it a New Year's Resolution or something.

2. Peeling those little stickers off of every damn piece of fruit I buy at the store, especially the things that come already bagged. When I get a 3 lb bag of Fuji apples, why does every single one of them have a sticker? I can read the bag just fine. Ditto oranges.

3. Dirty socks on the floor instead of the hamper. The worst is when they are on the floor right beside the hamper. Tell me, how hard is it to open the lid?

4. Anya's inability to pay attention to where her feet are going. I know she's just 2, and I love this child more than life itself, but she has a way of lying on the couch and shoving her feet into my side, and stepping on toys and books and game pieces on the floor instead of around them that makes. me. crazy.

5. Stepping on globs of cooked oatmeal that have traveled from spoon to child's clothes to the floor. It's cold and squishy and totally gross.


Jessi said…
I am the worst at leaving the kitchen cabinet doors open and it drives me absolutely batty. I also have very definite feelings about laundry being inches from the hamper.
Steph said…
Eric is constitutionally unable to close kitchen cabinet doors OR turn off the bathroom light. GAAAHHH!!
Animal said…
I like all of these, but I'm *so* with you on #2. Holy MOSES, why does each piece of fruit need a stinkin' tag? It's not even a PRICE TAG, either, it's a universal produce number for the Neanderthal checkout stoner who's apparently too stupid to know "It's an APPLE, nitwit!"

Grrr. Now I'M all irked outta reason! Sheesh.

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