little happies

Thanks, Jessi, for this idea...

This here is a list of little things that make me disproportionately happy.
1. New underwear. I get the cheap 3-packs of Hanes at Target, never anything fancy, but it's so nice to pull on new underwear that isn't yet stretched out and fraying and raveling at the waist. Don't you agree?

2. The sight of a little kid wearing sunglasses.

3. Choosing plants for the community garden plot that we will hopefully not neglect this year. I came home from the farmers' market with several different kinds of tomatoes and four kinds of hot peppers. Salsa-rific!

4. To that end, #4 on my list is pulling weeds. You know when you pull up a weed and you feel the dirt give a little and the whole root comes up instead of breaking off at the stem? That is a deeply satisfying feeling.

5. Sun tea.


katie said…
nice list.

hey suze, can you email me? i can't find your email address, for some reason!
Jessi said…
I adore new underwear. Good call!
Anonymous said…
I just got back from Scout Camp and looked at your plants and immediately said, "Poison I... No it is not poison ivy." I have seen too much of it this weekend, and sprayed a lot.

But oh that sun tea looks good. Too late to make any today.

Mrs. Allroro said…
I use those same juice jars for coffee and tea! Fun connection.
Steph said…
Ditto on all of these, especially kid with sunglasses. Or that particular kid with sunglasses, anyway. :)

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