conversations with anya

(This morning, in the middle of a 6a.m. game of Candy Land):

Anya; Mom, do you love Stuart?
Me: Yes, I do.

(Then later, at breakfast):

Anya: I love you, Stuart!
Me: Do you love me, too?
Anya: No, just Stuart. I love Stuart and Daniel loves mom.
Me: I think Daniel loves Stuart, too. Daniel, do you love Stuart?
Daniel: Yeah.
Anya: I just love Stuart. Not you. And Daniel loves mom.

But I know that's not true. See, the more your kids yell at you, the more they love you, right? Because my kids yell at me all the time, so they must love me a LOT.


Jessi said…
Maren's vocabulary is now stringing together sentences and she still hasn't said mommy yet. I get it. I so get it.
Claire said…
HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! Everything about this story cracks me up!!!

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