5 things - double edition

You get two lists today. First is Jessi's idea of listing 5 things you feel you are alone in your opinion about.

1. Arch support. It's totally overrated. Actually I know I'm not alone in this opinion since Born to Run was on the bestseller list for a while which means lots and lots of people have read it. Anyway, that book is what convinced me to run nearly barefoot (I prefer my VFFs to running completely barefoot) and walk around in shoes with very little support or shaping in the sole. I live in my 8yo flip-flops all summer, I wear Vibrams to run, and so far my feet are doing fine. My husband has had mild but chronic knee injuries most of his adult life, and since running barefoot he's doing much better. He's convinced that all those shoe inserts doctors told him to wear for years screwed up his knees even worse, and he's still undoing the damage.

2. I believe I am the only one I know who can't stand either movie Dazed and Confused or Groundhog Day. I do not find them funny or clever. I find them stupid and boring.

3. I like all kinds of weird food. Bleu cheese from goat's milk, brussel sprouts, roasted parsnips, mmmmmm...

4. I'm not into shoes. Isn't every woman supposed to have or want to have like 100 pairs of shoes? Not me. I go for functional and long-lasting and not very many. That may call my femininity into question, but I don't care.

5. I don't do facebook.


Ready for round two? Jenn-Jenn wants to know about five little addictions, not like chemical dependencies, but more like guilty pleasures. So here you go:

1. Glee. I just started watching the first season from Netflix this week and I'm hooked. It can get a little dorky and I'm not wild about all the musical selections and the way smaller side story lines go unresolved from episode to episode kind of bugs me, but the singing is sometimes quite good and the characters are quite engaging.

2. Harry Potter. A few weeks ago I needed something to read and didn't want to dig into anything too heavy because reading before bedtime makes me sleepy and I can't concentrate on serious adult lit, so I started re-reading the Harry Potter books - for like the fourth time.

3. Strawberries.

4. Running. I don't go every day, and I wish I were faster, but it feels good and I have more energy and a better disposition now that I'm being more disciplined about it. I run between 12-15 miles every week, and I'd like to increase that number.

5. This practically goes without saying, but knitting. I just started a lacy cowl out of angora yarn. It's about the last thing I feel like wearing in warm, sticky weather, but it's lovely anyway.


Jessi said…
I totally agree with number 1. I don't run, but I adore flat footed shoes. I love going barefoot, flip flops, ballet flats and men's athletic shoes, especially skate board shoes. Which leads me to number 4. I am totally into shoes. Totally, but not always the super high heeled, pointy toed wonders. I love junk shoes too. I can't wear the really great shoes anyway.

Also, I love Dazed and Confused, but hate Groundhog Day. I've never had bleu cheese made from goat's milk, but I love the goat cheese I have had and I love bleu cheese.

In the second list, I totally agree with 1-3. I'd love to love 4 and 5. I'm working on it.
gianna said…
I have flat feet. Flat flat flat feet. Flatter than pancake batter (as I like to say). Arch supports are supposed to be good for me because of that. Where I know they help me with my knee problems (because I can tell), they feel like hard lumps in my shoes. Not cool! And I am starting to run again after having my youngest (who is now 11 weeks! AAAHHH! Where has the time gone?) 12-15 miles a week? I am hoping for like 5.
ps Groundhog Day is annoying. And so is What about Bob?.
gianna said…
I guess this would be pps! I'm not into shoes either. I am all about functionality. I have a pair of leather brown shoes and leather black shoes. A pair of running shoes, a pair of One-Star tennis shoes and a handful of sandals--most of which are flip flops. Oh, and a pair of black heals that really aren't heels and I wear them ONLY when I have to. So no worries!
Animal said…
Good lists! I'm on it.
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