it's tuesday

I started to write a post complaining about this, that and the other, but then news of sudden and serious hospitalizations for two members of my extended family (hip replacement for one, bypass surgery for another) slapped some perspective back in me. I know that we humans are fragile, mortal beings, but events like these make this reality like a bucket of ice water. You know that water is freezing cold, but don't realize it until you've dunked your head in there.


Speaking of cold water, swimming lessons started this week. Thanks to wet, chilly weather, we have yet to actually get in the pool. The rain isn't really the problem (as long as there's no thunder, obviously), seeing as being in a swimming pool means getting wet anyway. It's the temperature hovering around 65 degrees the last couple mornings that put us off. We actually showed up for the first lesson, but in street clothes and rain jackets rather than swimsuits, just to meet the instructors. I was surprised to see how many kids had shown up for lessons and were in the pool, even in the parent/toddler class. Everyone climbing out of the pool appeared pretty cold and miserable, so I didn't regret holding us off for the time being. Tomorrow looks to be much warmer and sunny, and if I'm lucky, Anya will be ready for lessons like Daniel has - with a teacher without me - and I might have a chance to swim laps. Mind you, I haven't swum since last summer so I won't last long, but I've got to start somewhere.


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