art installation

Daniel has created a string sculpture in our back yard. He's done this on a small scale in his room, looping scrap yarn around the doorknob and around the bedframe. But this, this is a mess.

Even though this is a mess, I have to say it's fascinating to watch Daniel put this together. He is quite intentional about where he loops and knots and makes tangles. After preschool today, working on his string sculpture occupied him for a good twenty minutes while Anya napped in the bike trailer.

Obviously, Daniel's project is a safety hazard, so have kept a close eye on him in the yard, and I've told him it has to come down at the end of today. I'm not sure it's possible to untangle all this yarn, especially since it got wet in a brief rainstorm yesterday, so we may have to cut it down. It's really something, though.


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