signs, signs, everywhere the signs...

The last week or so, Daniel has been having a lot of fun making signs and taping them all over the house, both inside and outside. I think he was inspired by an episode of Curious George, but the why is irrelevant. The how is the funny thing. He starts by cutting out small pieces of paper, usually smaller than a 3"x5" index card. Then he writes various words or names and may or may not cross them out, depending on what he feels should be allowed or not. Last, he uses scotch tape (I broke down and bought him his own roll of scotch tape a couple days ago) to put his signs up in the place of his choosing. I told him as long as nothing is taped to the wall where the tape might peel the paint, he can put these signs where he likes.

Many end up on his climber in the backyard:

These signs, which read "Daniel" and "Anya", mean that Daniel and Anya are allowed in there. Somewhere on the side there is a sign with "Mom" crossed out. I am forbidden to enter the plastic play structure. (Boohoo)

The sign on the bottom says "Tuesday"...because it's Tuesday, of course.

He is rather proud of himself.

This sign has the words "LEMON JUICE" crossed out, which means you are not allowed to squeeze lemons in the living room. Good rule, I say.

I'm not sure what's going on with the hieroglyphics on the larger sign, but the other one is Daniel's rendition of a "No U-Turn" symbol. He saw one of those while we were in the car and wanted to know what it meant. Then he came home and drew one. These are posted above the mailbox, and I'm sure the mail carrier was scratching her head about them today!


Mrs. Allroro said…
I love it!

I went to a church function at somebody's house recently, and all of the rooms had numbers on the doors. Their son is really into hotels.
Jessi said…
Cute. I've been trying to get Brynna to label her dresser drawers for months and she just won't do it.
Claire said…
This kid cracks me up! And, I'm sorry to say, the sign that has "mom" crossed out made me laugh the hardest. That and the lemons. :)

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