random on a Saturday

1. Thanks, all, for your supportive comments the other day. I do get fed up from time to time, and when I've got other stress on top of that, it just makes my fuse short(er). A night of sleep (not a full night of sleep, mind you, seeing as I haven't slept a whole night since before Daniel was born) acts like a restart button. Friday was much better. Today, too.

2. I found a dead mouse in the basement this morning. It was utterly horrifying, especially since the vile little carcass was right next to a bag of apples I was going to get to make applesauce. Maybe the mouse was trying to get to the apples and suffocated on the plastic bag, I don't know. In any case, none of the apples had been nibbled on, so I washed them thoroughly and went ahead with the applesauce. I asked Stuart to dispose of the body, though. I just can't handle mice, dead or alive.

3. In case you haven't noticed, midterm elections are nearly upon us. I try to be conscientious about voting and not miss any elections, even those smaller ones that don't seem to matter much (even though they really DO matter!). This time around, I'll be in Kentucky with the kids to visit my folks, which means I'll have to request an absentee ballot. I have never done this before! I have to admit, I'll kind of miss the feeling of walking the kids to the polling place and doing the whole process. Either way, I suppose I'm doing my duty as a citizen.

4. I have been an idiot with parking tickets lately. The other day I got a ticket for facing the wrong way while parking on the street (it's right before the street turns into a one-way, so there's no way there could be opposing traffic, and I've parked there many times with no incident.) The first time I went to the new Children's Museum downtown, I didn't realize you were supposed to pre-pay in the lot, so I paid on my way out and THEN discovered a $12 ticket in the windshield, which means in the end I overpaid even for the parking ticket. It's such a stupid way to part with money, parking tickets.

5. Happy, happy news: my little brother is getting married! This deserves its own post really, but at this point I don't have much to say about it except HOORAY!! Wish him and MJ your congrats, would you?


Jessi said…
Oh, Congrats Josif! I wish you only happiness!

Let me know when you're going to be in KY and maybe we can take the kids to the park together or something.
Steph said…
I am also getting pointless parking tickets. One was for parking in an unmarked space that was apparently "MOPED ONLY." What?!

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