Yesterday was Daniel's fifth birthday. I'm sorry to say it was not a stellar day for either of us. He woke up too early on the wrong side of bed and was crabby and difficult and wore my patience down to threadbare and beyond. But at least he had a very nice afternoon at preschool, where he got to wear a large paper crown, and we brought cupcakes and fruit to share with the class.

We had a very small, very low-key party for Daniel on Sunday. A few months ago I seriously considered going all out and renting a party room at the Children's Museum and inviting all his friends and preschool classmates because, well, turning 5 is a big deal. But I decided I'm just not ready to host that kind of a hullabaloo, so we kept it small and simple like always. I'm glad we did, since the excitement and anticipation even from this small affair probably contributed to all of yesterday's multiple meltdowns. I can't imagine that a big party with tons of kids and too many presents would have gone well.

Well anyway, the important thing is that Daniel is five now. FIVE! Which means he's learning more every day and is becoming more independent and exerting his own personality, and 90% of the time, he's bundles of fun. Here are some pictures I took playing out in the snow today before we got cold and had to come inside for lunch:


Happy birthday, Daniel! Can't believe he's five already!
Pam said…
Happy Birthday, Daniel!! I can't believe he's five already either!!!
Jessi said…
Happy belated birthday, Daniel!
The Boccias said…
Happy birthday to Daniel!

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