another day of solidarity

I fear for the future of workers, of unions. Organized labor has been under attack for decades, and our governor's proposal to effectively end collective bargaining for state employees is especially vicious. I know that the state's financial situation is in shambles (Walker, why again did you give back all those millions of federal dollars for high speed rail? We really could have used that money here, you know. And those jobs.) I also know that attacking labor rights isn't about fixing a broken budget. It's about power. I know that no matter the outcome of this disastrous budget repair bill, Scott Walker is in for a helluva fight. At least 30,000 people showed up at the State Capitol today to Stick It To The Man, and three of those people were me and my children. Many of those people were public school teachers and their students supporting them; so many teachers called in "sick" last night that the Madison Metro School Disctrict called off school for today.

The people united...will never be defeated.


Jessi said…
Stand up tall!

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