groundhog day

We spent Groundhog Day digging ourselves out of quite a lot of snow. I think the official snowfall was 12" for Madison, though parts of southern Wisconsin got twice that. The Nat'l Guard was called out this morning (part of "snow emergency" procedures), and even their vehicles got stuck in the 10-ft drifts. It's quite an event. Stuart, unfortunately, works for the sort of company that doesn't believe in snow days, but at least he had the option of working from home. Good thing, because there was no getting out of our driveway this morning, and the plows didn't show up to clear the street until the middle of the afternoon. I think it's safe to say the groundhog didn't see his shadow this morning!


Anonymous said…
I bet Anya got a lot of snow shoveled!
Daniel especially looked like he was having fun. Not many people enjoyed that storm.

Anonymous said…
Three years ago you were not at all happy with snow. Now it is becoming an asset. Enjoy it while you can.


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