here we go again…again

You know how some normally healthy kids seem to have to go to the doctor all the time? And how some kids are accident prone? When my brother and I were growing up, he was the one who got himself cut with a rusty nail, broke his arm, got 30 stitches in his leg, dislocated a few toes. Not all in one day, obviously. He spent a fair amount of time in the ER for stuff like that and I've never even had stitches. I hope I didn't just jinx myself there. I don't know how my parents managed all the anxiety that must have caused.

Now that I have kids of my own, I know how stressful even minor medical things are. We haven't had stitches or broken bones as of yet, but Daniel had a couple trips to the ER last year for excessive vomiting and both kids have been to urgent care for ear infections more times than I can count, Daniel twice in the last month. This warranted another appointment with his ENT yesterday, who said Daniel needs tubes in his ears AGAIN and while they're at it he'll check to see if his adenoids need to be removed AGAIN.

Poor Daniel. Everything is just such a big deal for him. He's not the sickly type but lately he can't just come down with a regular cold. No, no. There has to be days of fever and coughing and weeks of congestion and finally secondary infections of the ear and sinus, all with some pretty unpleasant and goopy symptoms. Rationally, I know better than to worry about him, but I do anyway.

And surgery? Ugh. This child did NOT do well with anesthesia last time around. The procedure is scheduled for next Friday and I'm dreading it, frankly. I can feel my hair turning gray at the very thought of spending the day at the hospital with a boy who is not going to be enjoying himself. at. all.

Did I mention he needs to have a few teeth pulled, too? I'm not sure when that's going to happen.

I hate blogging about illness and medical stuff. Nobody really wants to read about medical issues and bodily fluids, least of all me. But in case you're wondering about what's going on in my life these days, I guess now you know.

I think we're all ready for spring break.


Jessi said…
Oh, poor Daniel. I'll be thinking about him.

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