round 2

Daniel's surgery was today, so I thought I'd check in here with an update.

The procedure was scheduled for 1:00 but we didn't go back until 1:30 (it
was a busy day on the ENT ward!). It took a little more than
a half hour and did indeed include adenoid revision, which means they
cleaned out adenoid tissue that grew back since the last time. The doc
said he also cleaned out lots and lots of snot and goop from recent ear
infections and a cold he's got. (When I told Daniel that on the way home
he commented, "Well. That was handy.") He said Daniel has a rather oddly
shaped palate, which explains why the adenoids have given him so much
trouble in the first place. 

Thanks to an elaborate cocktail of anti-nausea drugs from the
anesthesiologist, recovery was not nearly as, uh, dramatic as last time
(except for the elevator ride down, I'm afraid), but it did take a while
before Daniel was ready to come home, mostly because he was sleeping off
a dose of Benadryl that was included in the mix. He's on the couch now
watching TV and keeps asking for food. We're taking it easy, of course,
but it's a good sign!

So all in all things went well. The staff was wonderful and helpful,
just like last time. I certainly hope this is the last surgery he has


Anonymous said…
Oma is glad the procedure went well and hope he recovers quickly.

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