4-legged mouse trap

Thanks for the comments and recommendations re: getting a cat, but we're not going to, for the following reasons:

1. Cats make me sneeze a little.
2. They make my dad sneeze a LOT, and I want my parents to be able to visit when they want to.
3. I'm not really a "pet" person.
4. I'm already a grad student with a baby to take care of. I don't want more responsibility.
5. I'm not convinced that two isolated mouse incidents, even if they were just a couple days apart, means we have a serious infestation warranting more extreme measures than a couple of well-placed, well-baited traps.
6. Even if we got a cat, it would probably deposit dead mice all over the house. Gross.
7. We don't have room for a litter box.


canadahauntsme said…
Hmm... you're right about them depositing dead mice (birds, voles, etc.) in front of the house. "Our" (read: my roommate's) two cats love to bring us presents on a weekly, and sometimes daily, basis.

It's better to think of them as sacrificial offerings.
Steph said…
I have two cats and the one who actually displays some - albeit pathetic and stunted - hunter instincts can't even finish off his bugs properly; he just carries them around in his mouth and growls and tears their legs off until I have to take pity and put them out of their misery, which is gross and horrible because they are big crunchy bugs like crickets and grasshoppers.

I'm worried we're going to have mouse problems too because we also live in an old house near a woods, and our screens all suck. I shudder to think what gruesome mercy killings I might have to participate in if our little inept hunter gets to them first.

Have you read "Nuit of the Living Dead" by David Sedaris? Good mouse-drowning story.
Tooz said…
About the litter box: It is possible to train a cat to use the commode, but I wouldn't bother, unless there is more than one commode in your house. It's hard enough to train the men to use them correctly, including putting the seat back down.

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