Rough day

Little Daniel had a rough day yesterday. It started the night before when he was fussy and too congested to breastfeed properly. Yesterday morning he had a low-grade fever and a runny nose and was just plain miserable. Even though Daniel was afflicted only by a common cold, I was heartbroken for him. The poor kid was whimpering and sniffling and spent a good part of the day sleeping on my shoulder. By late afternoon, after a couple hours' worth of naps and a dose of generic Tylenol administered the fun way (can you guess?), he seemed to be feeling better:

(Really, the whole reason for this post was to share that picture. He figured out how to empty that bookshelf and was so proud of the result!)


Jenn Hacker said…
Poor baby! I remember those days well.

That book he's "reading" upside down is one of Jamie's favorites.

Hope your little guy is feeling better today!
Suze said…
he is better today, thank goodness. rather congested but the fever's gone and he's in a much better mood.

hee hee. i didn't notice the upside-down book until after i'd taken the picture

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