Why am I having a beer at 4 in the afternoon?

1. Because my kid is finally taking a nap.

2. Because I just had a "performance review" with the new graduate advisor, who is three months into her new job, and was equally impressed and confused by the thickness of my file; now I am currently worried that I haven't met the requirements for the DMA.

3. Mind you, I've done the work, but I may have not registered for recitals the right way, and I'm afraid they will never make it on my permanent record.

4. Because I might have to register for an Italian class and there's no way I can either find childcare for that time or pay for the credit hours. Out-of-state tuition is a bitch here.

5. Because Daniel was up howling from 10pm-midnight last night and my head is throbbing from sleep-deprivation.

6. Because damn is Oberon good, and it's almost out of season. Make hay while the sun shines, eh?

7. Because I'm having my 4,837th career crisis to date. Why the hell did I go into music?

8. Because drinking beer and blogging is a good time.

9. Because I've been a graduate student for too frikkin' long and am starting to feel lame. Nothing like a 4pm beer to stop feeling lame.

10. Because it dulls the monotony of housewifery. (Hee hee, it took me three tries to spell "monotony." The Oberon must be kicking in.)

11. Because ten minutes into this blog entry, my kid woke up and I need this beer to get through the rest of the afternoon.


pamigelsrud said…
Oh dear! Are we normally not supposed to drink beer at 4pm? I'm in trouble then!! : ) By the way, I hear you on the career crisis thing... but you knew that...
Suze said…
you know that johnny cash song, "the beer i had for breakfast wasn't bad, so i had another for dessert"?

i usually don't have 4pm beers in the middle of the week. :)
Jenn Hacker said…
I'm sorry you're having a rough time, girlie! If bychance you didn't register for the recitals properly, is there some sort of appeal process through which you can go to get them counted in your records? Just a thought you might want to look into.

Hope today is better!
Suze said…
oh, i'm sure i'll have to slog through many layers of red tape but there's got to be a way to do it. it's just discouraging.
annalu alulu said…
One morning, when I was teaching Kindergarten Sunday School, a mommy dropped off her little girl and my co-teacher thought the mommy's breath smelled like alcohol.

I wonder, at what age do your children stop driving you to drink?
Suze said…
probably never, ann. but that's creepy, smelling it in the morning on someone who just drove a car. i promise i'm nothing like THAT!
Jenn Hacker said…
Ohh, that is bad. Not only that she was in a car, but that her kid was in the car with her!

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