April (snow) Showers

We thought we were done with these a month ago.



Mrs. Ann said…
What kind of camera do you guys have? We're looking to buy a good digital camera before daniel's parents come to visit next month.
Suze said…
it's a pretty sweet one, ann. a digital SLR (single lens reflex), i think the brand is olympus. if you don't want to pony up the case for something like that, there are many other options. stu says pcworld.com has camera reviews, and he also says there are surely many other discussion boards online you could find. anyone else got suggestions?
Animal said…
We too got slammed by the snow, Suze. Ugh. My daffodils are NOT HAPPY!

Re: cameras...we have the Kodak Easy Share with 10x optical zoom. Great camera; we used it all over Mexico and I'm still stunned at how GOOD digital has gotten in so short a time. Whatever you buy, make sure it has the highest OPTICAL zoom you can get; digital can go MUCH higher, but that's when you get into the pixelated, grainy look of...well, digital.
Steph said…
Sheesh. I hope the snow lets up before I come to Madison next weekend. I've gone soft here in the lower Midwest--snow just sounds frightful.
Mrs. Ann said…
thanks for the tips.
I'm jealous of all your snow!

My personal fave digital camera is the one I used when I worked for the newspaper... Nikon D1. I also got some great shots with the Nikon Coolpix 990. However, those are VERY pricey. If you're looking for a good, non-professional photographer type camera, I like Olympus and Canon. I've owned both in the past, but wound up hocking them for unimportant things like rent, food, medicine, etc. I'm hoping to get a new digital camera sometime this summer.
Suze said…
jenn, if i could pack some up and UPS it down to san antonio, i totally would!

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