'Tis the week for Interviews!

Pam has answered my questions. Not sure how I missed that first time 'round. I love reading everyone's answers.

And now I have some questions from Steph to answer. Wh00t!

1. You are offered an all-expenses-paid trip to a Buffy convention. You are guaranteed complete anonymity; no one you know will find out, and you have a babysitter, guilt-free time off from school, and a great cover story. In order to cash in, however, you must at some point in the convention approach James Marsters for his autograph. When you receive it, you must say, “Thanks, Blondie Bear!”, wink, and make a wet kissing noise. Do you accept? Explain your reasoning.

Let me get this straight: a free ride to a Buffy convention, no Danimal responsibilities, no school guilt, complete anonymity and all I have to do is make an idiot of myself in front of James Marsters (something I'd be bound to do in some way or another anyway)? Dude, I'm in. Heck, I'd probably do it for the free babysitting alone and I would kiss his perfectly-sculpted cheekbone to boot, rather than just blowing a kiss. I truly have no shame. Sidenote: Stu has a co-worker who is a big Joss Whedon geek and - I hope you're sitting down - actually got to have dinner with James Marsters (I think she won a contest or something); she has a picture of him on her desk.

2. If you had to devote one year of your life to studying one of the world’s religions, which would you choose? Why?

Hmmmm, good question. I think Buddhism. It seems to have the whole respect for life thing down. It also seems to be the most accepting of other religions and not so much into promoting itself by way of violence. Not that the teachings of Jesus and Mohammed specifically condone violence, but you don't see anyone blowing themselves up or invading other countries in the name of Buddha, do you?

3. If both you and Stuart were offered your dream jobs in the proximity of Newton, Kansas, would you be willing to move there?

Mayyyyyyyybe. What do you mean by "proximity"? Like, Wichita (20 miles away)? Kansas city (170-ish miles away)? Hesson (15 minutes down the road)? Pros: we have family in central Kansas, family we'd like to see more often. Also, living expenses are considerably less in that part of the country than in Madison. And oh, I miss the Kansas sky. Cons: the schools are crap and I will never ever ever ever homeschool, the summers are unbearably hot and good beer is much harder to find and teaching evolution is barely legal.

I just don't know how to answer this one. Seeing as dream jobs for both of us don't exist in or near Newton, this question really is hypothetical right now. But it seems like once a week we have The Conversation about where we're going to end up when I finish this #&$* degree. Will we stay in Madison? Will I look for a job? Will I just stay home and have another kid? Will we try to move closer to family? Which family? They're spread out between the Midwest and the South.

4. You can ask one question, technical, mundane, or personal, of the late great knitting goddess Elizabeth Zimmerman. What do you ask?

Why do you hate seaming so much?

5. Colin Firth or Matthew MacFadyen—which Mr. Darcy will rule?

You're just trying to make my head explode, aren't you? Colin Firth has always been the epitome of Mr. Darcy for me. That pond scene...drool...But Matthew MacFadyen is really growing on me, plus he's in a far superior movie with the perfect Elizabeth (Keira Knightly), whereas Jennifer Ehle didn't quite cut it if you ask me. Deep in my heart I'm still conflicted.


See, to me, Ms. Knightly must bow to the superior Ms. Ehle as Elizabeth Bennett. But Colin Firth is definitely ohhhh....sooooo....... YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!

And I'll have interview questions for you soon. I just wanted to get the bloggers who haven't been interviewed yet done first.
Animal said…
#2: that was just positively PROFOUND, Suze! Blowing oneself up in the name of Buddha, indeed!

#5: Wait, isn't Colin Firth that swanky Irish guy who swears all the time?!? I can't imagine he'd make a very believable Mr. Darcy! Or, wait...am I thinking of Colin FARRELL?? I'm so mixed up...
Suze said…
tsk tsk HOW could you get the colins firth and farrells mixed up?

oh right. you're a dude. and you're straight. all is forgiven.
Anonymous said…
Kansas schools are not crap. Despite the fact that they produced Fred Phelps and some total conservatives, Kansas has always been known if not on the leading edge of education, at least more in the front of the pack than the back, (On a recent map which rated schools, Kansas was depicted in the very top group. Don't ask me specifics about the criteria, as I didn't study it that long) as opposed to Kentucky, who says "Thank God for Mississippi," because Miss. always kept us out of last place. The Ky. Education Reform Act brought us up a little but I don't think it is lasting.
Suze said…
let me clarify: newton schools are crap. i didn't mean to make a sweeping statement about the entire state of Ks.
Steph said…
I think the Kansas Board of Education evolution debacles of the past few years have made us look so bad that no one notices how well-ranked we actually are when it comes to public education. I so wish this were not the case. We have actually voted those nutjobs off the Board, but the foul scent lingers in our national reputation, alas.

I don't know that Newton schools are still crap. I know a few good folks working in Newton schools these days, one of them a principal. I don't know if the xenophobic, conservative, uber-pro-sports, anti-intellectual vibe has diminished measurably since I was a student there or not--I hope so. All I can say unequivocally is that they were pretty crappy when I was in school--but I graduated twelve years ago.
Steph said…
BTW, I don't know what on earth I would say if someone asked ME the Mr. Darcy question.

Animal, didn't you see Bridget Jones' Diary? (which, BTW, SUCKED.) Did you miss the whole Colin Firth/Mr. Darcy joke? Get with it, man. This is a whole area of cultural knowledge you need to brush up on.

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