Eye-candy Friday: swirls, squares and daffodils

Steph has been here all week. She's here to help out with Daniel, but we've also been knitting and cooking. Check these out; they're Lebanese tahini swirls from Home Baking. SO delicious.

We've made over a dozen green and blue squares for a knitted baby blanket for Afghans for Afghans. (Read her brief account of the project here.)

Lastly, it's so nice to see flowers blooming. Here's a happy little daffodil I took a picture of earlier this week:


Dude, I skipped breakfast this morning; your first pic made me SOOO hungry!
andre said…
Daffodils are among my most favorite flowers in the galaxy. . It's like each one of them is singing "this little light of mine/ I'm gonna let it shine. . let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!
happy Friday!
pamigelsrud said…
You guys are SO creative!! Have fun! :-)
Animal said…
So, while y'all are just makin' bread & squares, I wonder what Eric is doing all weekend?

(Drinking homebrew, smoking Marlboros, and eating Quarter Pounders is my guess!)

Steph said…
Good guess, Animal. Try drinking home brew, smoking World of Warcraft, and eating hamburger chili every night. This is according to him, anyway.

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