Dudes, I'm tired.

I met a lovely woman at the park this afternoon. She has five kids. FIVE. And the first four were all born in the span of about six years.

I know I'm not the first person to be dealing with pregnancy and a young toddler at the same time, and I'm not the last. But I still don't understand how other women manage it. I reach a point of utter and total exhaustion by mid-afternoon. By 3:00 it feels like my bones have all been replaced with lead pipes and it seems like every little thing takes enormous effort, even mashing up a banana for Daniel's afternoon snack. When the kitchen is messy, it's repulsive to me, though I don't have enough energy to clean it. The dirty laundry's piling up and the clean laundry needs to be folded and put away. The bathroom floor is grimy. Daniel's books are scattered everywhere. And yet it seems like I'm working all day, either making food, cleaning it up, washing clothes or diapers, sweeping the floor, getting rid of junk mail, taking care of Daniel, running errands.

The music for SongFest isn't getting any easier, though I'm chipping away at most of it. I have just over a week to finish learning everything, and I wish I had twice that long.

I don't understand how I can spin my wheels so much and feel like I'm accomplishing so little.

Arg. OK, my next post (whenever that is) will be more substantive, I promise!


If you can get the Danimal to nap at all, you need to lay down at the same time he does. I've not been pregnant in 10 years, but I remember how tired I was carrying Jamie, and how much energy he had at around 2. Putting those two together makes me think Madtown Mama needs to nap when Danimal does because new baby is sapping her energy. I know you feel you don't have enought time to nap when/if he does, but your body will thank you by giving you more energy later in the day to do the things that are well nigh impossible for you to do at your current energy levels.
Suze said…
that's the thing, jenn. I DO lie down when he does, and I'm still pooped in the afternoon.
Okay, then lie down again for a bit when Stu gets home. Give him Danimal duty (not doodie) for 1/2 and hour or so. See if that helps. I'm a firm believer in naps. :-)

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