Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby was today, and I nearly forgot it. It just isn't the same here. At home it's a big deal. People throw parties, make bets, wear new hats, drink mint juleps, eat Derby pie, and generally have a good time. (I've never made a Derby pie myself, but one of these days I will.) Here, it's on TV, but that's about it. Today I saw the last minute or so of the race on a TV in a sporting goods store while Stuart looked for a new pair of shoes, and Daniel wandered around looking for things to pull off the shelves.

That's all I really have to say about the Derby this year, except for one thing: what's up with the winner's name anyway? Hystericalady? How very Freudian (insert dramatic eye roll here).

Oh, and I was so terribly sad when Barbaro (last year's winner) died, weren't you? They tried so hard to save him. What a beautiful, brave animal he was.

ETA: Well, I feel pretty silly. It appears I wasn't even watching the Derby. I just assumed since it was Derby Day, the horse race on TV was the Derby! Ah, well. It was still sad to miss it. And it still bugs me that any horse, Derby winner or not, would be named "Hystericalady"!


Tooz said…
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Tooz said…
Ignorance forced me to remove my original comment--I had misspelled the word seen. You must have seen another race, not the Derby--the Derby winner was Street Sense. No hysterical ladies there, at least not in the run for the roses.
Roy said…
I know it is silly, but every year when "My Old Kentucky Home" is sung, I get choked up.
I'll admit it. I miss Kentucky to the point of tears. Okay, so I don't miss the terrible economy there right now, or the fact that housing there is so expensive, I guess I just miss feeling tied to something. I miss being able to drive through the town and have memories and connections to certain places. I also miss being able to go to my mom's and sister's graves to "talk" to them when I'm bothered by something (they're buried side by side). I miss Jamie having a sense of a connection to more family members than just me and dad. I miss Tooz and Mr. David (sniffle, sniffle...sob...hiccup....sniffle) Okay, I gotta shut up about it, I'm getting homesick again (still?).
Anonymous said…
I've lived away from my home for 32 years and I still get homesick for my family and Kansas. (Even with the occasional tornado, it is still the most beautiful place on earth).

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