Mystery Revealed!

Tooz and Animal guessed right: this patch is garlic!

Not wild, though, as Tooz suggested. I planted it on purpose two autumns ago. The next summer, when all the leaves went brown and wilted, I thought the plants had died and didn't realize it just meant the garlic was ready to harvest and be dug up. Consequently, all those cloves divided and came up twice as strong this year. By the way, fresh garlic leaves are really good diced up and put in salad or stir-fried.

As for the question: what are "old lady" perennials? Gosh, I don't know. I guess that term is a little insulting, so I am kind of sorry I said it. I generally prefer gardens full of wildflowers like daisies and coneflowers and brown-eyed susans, rather than plants that are all leaf and no bloom (like lamb's ear. I'm not wild about shrub-like plants, either (except lavender), though I can't tell you what any of are called or adequately describe what they look like.

And now, just for Oma:


Anonymous said…
Cast iron update. Of sorts.

Kitchen Connections in the outlet mall no longer has the Lodge display, and I didn't see any cast iron there, but I didn't look everywhere and I didn't ask.

At the moment Oma is doing a few dishes, but with the single word "pictures" she will drop the wash cloth and come running.

Oma said…
Oma thanks you for the cute pictures.
Tooz said…
Hey, what did I win?
Suze said…
Tooz, I hadn't thought about prizes :)
What's an appropriate prize for guessing garlic? Anyone?
Animal said…
A recipe calling for lots of garlic! I once came across a roasted chicken recipe called "Garlic-Garlic Chicken." I think it called for something like 40 cloves!

(Don't plan on getting laid that night, though...or even leaving the house the next day!)
Becca said…
Search for Alton Brown's recipe for Chicken and 40 Cloves. Scrumptious!

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