basement progress

I haven't written a whole lot about the basement work here, but right now it's certainly a big part of our lives. Daniel is particularly enthralled with all the work being done. He likes to sit on the steps and watch the guys use those noisy tools. He asks a million questions and draws pictures in his notebook and is disappointed when he misses out on the goings-on because we have to leave for preschool or errands. Anya really couldn't care less about what's happening downstairs, but I don't know if it's because she's so shy or because she's not as interested in Things That Make Loud Noises, or both.

For fun, I thought I'd share a few pictures of this week's progress. We certainly have a ways to go before it's all finished, but it's exciting to see the project evolve.

Here are the new water lines. The red and blue plex lines replaced 60-year-old galvanized steel with so much crud and rust built up the water ran brown for several minutes out of every faucet. We had to vacate the house for a whole day while the water was off.

Here's a glimpse of where the bathroom will be.

The big windows that were installed last November:

And finally, Stuart trying his hand at installing network cables. We are a modern household, you know, and there must be good internet access both above ground and below! He had to get a bunch of equipment and cables and spent quite a bit of time this morning with a tape measure and stud finder before cutting into the drywall with a special little saw.

I was kind of nervous about the end result, but so far things look good! No gaping holes in the wall, at any rate. Of course, there is still time for things to go wrong, but at least we know a good drywall guy.


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