voting day

If you live in Wisconsin, please remember to VOTE TODAY! We'll be leaving shortly after breakfast to do just that.

Today's election is the sort that normally flies under the radar, but the controversy and protests over Walker's collective bargaining bill and budget cuts have brought national attention to the supreme court race. Prosser, the incumbent, is a hotheaded (a couple weeks ago he called the chief justice a "bitch" in public) former Republican legislator who now claims impartiality, but until Walker's popularity plummeted, declared himself a proud conservative. I, of course, will be voting for his opponent, JoAnne Kloppenberg, a judge with 21 years of experience. ETA: Oops! I spoke too soon; Kloppenberg isn't a judge; she's an assistant attorney general.

Many see today's election as a referendum on Scott Walker. We can't recall him yet, but we can vote out the supreme court justice who stands at his side.


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