random monday

1. Yesterday almost felt like summer. It was bizarre; after weeks of cold, wet, dreary weather, all of a sudden it was sunny and almost 80 degrees. Stuart and I both went running, we did some work in our community garden plot, and we ate dinner outside.

2. Unfortunately, Daniel was not able to enjoy the nice weekend as much as he would have liked, since he is on his third round of antibiotics for a stubborn ear infection that's been bothering him off and on for six weeks now. He's no longer taking the tasty pink stuff, but some chalky white stuff that looks (and smells) much less appealing. Let's hope it does the job.

3. The warm weather brought dire thunderstorm warnings. There was talk of storm "super-cells" that would almost certainly bring tornadoes and large hail. This worried Stuart enough that he took the nice car - the one that was just in the body shop for nearly a month getting repaired from the last big hailstorm - to the parking garage at his workplace to protect it from this weekend's predicted hail. The hail never came. In fact, we heard some rumblings of thunder, and it got pretty windy, but that was about it.

4. The outdoor farmers' markets open this coming weekend! There won't be much produce to buy aside from hoophouse salad greens, maybe some storage potatoes and mushrooms, but it's exciting all the same.

5. I've been knitting a sweater for Stuart, one he'll hopefully want to wear (unlike the last one I made him about ten years ago that was admittedly kind of horrible but I didn't realize it at the time!). I mistakenly made every piece too long, which required some sweater surgery and that's all fixed now. Alas, I've run into some more problems with the way the sleeves and shoulders fit together, and I don't know how to fix it. It's very frustrating. Note to self: AVOID SADDLE SHOULDERS IN THE FUTURE BECAUSE THEY ARE A HUGE PAIN IN THE ARSE AND NOT WORTH THE TROUBLE. Honestly, it's been a while since I've had a colossal knitting fail, so I should consider myself lucky. I just wish it wouldn't have happened on a man-sized sweater!


Strangeite said…
Chaulky white antibiotic seems to work, as long as you can talk them into actually taking the medicine. Sophie just got done with a round it after the pink stuff failed.

On a related note, unbeknownst to us for quite a while, she has been suffering from pollen allergies. After a couple of trips to a specialist it was discovered she has had a chronic ear infection that is almost invisible from a normal inspection. In fact her regular doctor would think the infection was gone, but in fact it had just gone deeper and invisible.

To make a long story short, for at least a year, Sophie has been suffering from a pretty significant hearing loss (if it was permanent, it would lead to a classification of disabled). Now that the deep infection is gone and she regularly takes her allergy medicine, her hearing is perfectly normal. Soooooo, the point I am trying to make is, if Daniel seems to be suffering from regular ear infections, you might have his hearing checked. We had no idea that the poor girl couldn't hear, we just thought she was being 4.
Suze said…
Daniel had his hearing checked last summer when he had a stuttering problem. Everything turned out normal. But thanks for the advice anyway.

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